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We believe all our students should wear their named school uniform when attending school or participating in school-organised events outside of regular school hours. Our belief in the importance of school uniform stems from the following reasons:

  1. Fosters a sense of pride: Wearing the school uniform instills a sense of pride in our students, who represent their school community.

  2. Cultivates a feeling of belonging: The school uniform promotes a sense of community and belonging among students, creating a unified and inclusive environment.

  3. Practical and smart: The school uniform is designed to be practical and smart, ensuring that students are appropriately dressed for a productive day of learning.

  4. Identifies with the school: The uniform serves as a visual identification of our students with the school, creating a sense of identity and unity.

  5. Promotes equality: By wearing the same uniform, students feel equal to their peers regarding appearance, reducing any potential social or economic disparities.

  6. Good value for money: We understand the financial considerations of parents, and we strive to ensure that our school uniform is regarded as suitable value for money by most parents.

  7. Health and safety considerations: Our school uniform has been designed with health and safety in mind, taking into account any necessary regulations or requirements.

While we recognise the right of parents/carers to shop around, we encourage purchasing uniform items from other retailers of the same colour/style and of sufficient quality to serve the intended purpose. However, we encourage school jumpers/cardigans and PE tops/hoodies to have our school logo, which further promotes a sense of identity and belonging.

Adhering to our school uniform policy creates a positive and cohesive school culture that supports our students' learning and personal development.





School Uniform Policy 2024