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Remote Learning                                                                                                        Adjusting to Changes: Remote and Hybrid Learning - The Walking Classroom



January 2021 

During the Covid pandemic St Mary’s school team have developed a remote learning offer. Whilst remote learning is not going to be the same for children learning in school, it is our intention to ensure that the highest level of teaching and learning is provided. Our offer will continue to evolve and develop over time. When possible face to face interaction between staff and children will be facilitated either in small groups or one to one.


The current remote learning offer can be seen on the link below.

Home Learning Tips

  • Create a quiet learning space with your children where they can do some learning - Some children may like background music to help them concentrate
  • Please reward effort and resilience. Being positive and encouraging has the most impact.
  • If your child doesn’t want to do any learning set them smaller achievable tasks.
  • Use everyday tasks as learning opportunities e.g. meal times - get them planning a shopping list, writing menus, measuring and helping with prep, laying the table and washing up!

Behaviour Tips to support home learning

Children may not want to do school work at home for many reasons

  • Children may be anxious - Be supportive and use non-judgemental language. I can see that.... I have noticed that....Go in slow, stay calm, offer support and/or a break.
  • Children may escalate from anxiety to becoming defensive - Be directive and try to deescalate the issue using distraction and humour. Remind them of the expectation in a clear and concise way e.g. You can get down from the table when you have...(but make it achievable e.g. completed 3 sentences rather than written a whole page). I need you to complete 3 sentences and then we can....etc
  • Allow your child to Play. It is especially important for EYFS and KS1 as it develops many important learning skills.