Policies                                                                       School Policies | British School of Alexandria, Egypt

Admissions 2021/22 - admissions procedures for the subsequent academic year

Anti-Bullying 2021/2022the procedures the school follows so pupils feel safe and secure

Attendance - procedures for monitoring pupil attendance 

Behaviour Policy - the procedures the school follows to ensure good behaviour within the school

Breakfast Club Policy - the arrangements for our club 

Charging and Remissions Policy - processes for charging for different activities

Collective Worship and Assemblies Policy (May 2022)

Confidentiality Policy (September 2021)

Complaints Policy - procedures for making a complaint

Employee Whistle Blowing - September 2021 - procedures for employees to report a safeguarding concern

Equalities Policy  (November 2021) - the procedures on promoting equality within our school. Equalities Action Plan

E-Safety Policy - procedures to follow to ensure safe use of the internet 

EYFS Induction Policy (May 2022)

Home Visits Policy (May 2022) - procedures for visits to new Reception families in September

Freedom of Information Policy - processes regarding how Freedom of Information works

Mobile Phone Policy (May 2022) - the arrangements for use of mobile phones on school premises.

Relationship and Health Education Policy - March 2021 - how this is taught in the curriculum

Religious Education - how RE is taught in our school

Phonics Policy (May 2022)

Pupil Premium Policy (March 2022)

Safeguarding Policy (November 2021 )processes/procedures for helping children to remain safe and secure at home and at school

Social Media Policy (September 2021)

Times Tables Policy (February 2022)

Whistle-Blowing Policy (September 2021)

Written Calculation Policy (February 2022)


SEND Policy - supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities

Staff Code of Conduct - Working with Children - procedures for staff working with children