At St Mary’s we promote high attendance as a way to ensure that your children have the best possible opportunities in their education and ultimately the best opportunities in their adult life. This year our attendance target was set at 97.3%. Current attendance figures are now recorded in the newsletter and on a display in the school. 

Poor attendance, for whatever reason and whether these are intermittent absences or blocked absences will impact on your child’s learning progress. The table below is an important reminder of the impact that unnecessary absence from school can have. Whilst we recognise that sometimes children are absent because they are unwell, there are a small number of children who are absent for reasons that are avoidable, including being collected early or arriving late. Please read our attendance leaflet:-

Attendance Leaflet



100% -98%

Excellent attendance and the best chance of high achievement


97.9% - 96%

Expected attendance and a good chance of high achievement


95.9% - 90%

Below expected attendance and a risk of underachievement


89.9% - 85%

Poor attendance and a serious

risk of underachievement


Below 85%

Very poor attendance and extreme risk of underachievement

The Governors have recently reviewed the school's Attendance Policy to ensure all statutory requirements are being met.  Further evidence is now required if children are absent from school during the school day, e.g. for medical appointments. Failure to comply with this will mean that the absence can be marked as unauthorised.

St Mary's Attendance Policy (DRAFT)

The school is able to issue penalty notices through the Local Authority for unauthorised absences. This is if there are ten sessions (a session is classed as a morning or afternoon) marked unauthorised in a certain period. It is important that you read and understand the consequences of your child missing time off of school.

Penalty Notice Information