What is Pupil Premium Funding?

Evidence shows that economically disadvantaged pupils perform less well on average than non-disadvantaged pupils, at all levels of school education. Also, economically disadvantaged pupils are also associated with slower progress compared to their peers with the same level of attainment.

Because of this Government has provided Pupil Premium funding for pupils who fit their criteria of economically disadvantaged since April 2011. They have used the Free School Meals measure to identify children who qualify (please click here to confidentially see if your child is eligible). They also identify extra funds for children whose parents are in the armed forces, who are in foster care or adopted as these children can be at risk of underachievement too.

The funding comes to the school each term and it is the school’s responsibility to decide how to spend the funds and to account for the use of the funds. The school must be able to show to OFSTED that children who qualify for funds are making good progress and aim for them to be in line with their peers before they leave primary school. 

St Mary's Pupil Premium Policy (March 2022)

How is Pupil Premium Funding spent?

The Pupil Premium funding is spent according to the needs of the particular child. It is important that the overall needs are met and therefore the funding will be spent on academic support, enrichment and engagement, along with well-being.

This year the funding will be spent on areas such as:

  • additional teaching and support staff for individual or group interventions;
  • Parent Link Worker to support pupils and families in improving attendance and other well-being issues;
  • support with literacy, phonics and maths through specific programmes;
  • support for EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils;
  • Training for staff to ensure Pupil Premium pupils are being supported as effectively as possible; 
  • support with some after-school clubs and school trips.

Further information can be found in 'What we are Doing' and 'Success for Vulnerable Pupils'   documents. This will help the school 'narrow the gap' in academic attainment of Pupil Premium pupils when compared to non Pupil-Premium pupils. It will also focus on supporting the well-being of pupils and offering enrichment activities that may not otherwise be open to them.

Please click to see a further breakdown of how our Pupil Premium funding is spent:


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