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Our Mission, ‘Celebrating Excellence through our Faith and Learning,’ is truly lived by all at our school. This means that we strive to excel not only in academic pursuits but also in fostering a deep connection with our faith.

In line with our commitment to Gospel values, we actively promote them in our collaborative work and throughout the learning experiences we provide. Our Catholic ethos permeates the entire school, offering abundant opportunities for children to encounter God and nurture a profound relationship with Him as a loving and compassionate Father.

Through various means such as prayer, liturgies, Religious Education lessons, and the supportive relationships within our school community, including children, staff, and parents/carers, we create an environment where children can come to know and love God.

In our pursuit of excellence through faith and learning, we draw inspiration from Psalm 119:105, 'Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path. .' This verse reinforces the idea that God's Word serves as a guiding light on our educational journey. By grounding our learning in the principles and wisdom found in Scripture, we illuminate our path toward excellence, ensuring that our pursuit of knowledge is aligned with the divine principles that shape our faith.