Admissions Policy 2022/23 Consultation 

The governing body of St Mary's Catholic Primary School are consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for the 2022-23 school year. The proposed main changes from the current arrangements, are indicated below.

You are invited to provide any comments you may wish for consideration on the proposed arrangements by 31st January 2021. Final arrangements will be determined by 28 February 2021 and will appear on the school website by 15 March 2021.

Comments should be sent to Dawn Lane at or St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Webbs Wood Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8EJ.

Proposed Main Changes:          

1 – In the Tie Break section, for categories 4 and 6 measurements will no longer be calculated between Point X of the child’s home and the school but will be between the address point of the child’s home and a central point within the main school building using the South Gloucestershire Local Authority’s computerised mapping system.

2 – In the Supporting Evidence section, it is recommended that supporting evidence such as Baptism Certificates are sent directly to the school, rather than to Local Authorities.

3 - In-Year applications must be made on the school’s new own In-Year application form, that is available from the school.  

Proposed Admissions Policy 2022/23

Application Form