Year 6 Leavers

Thursday 16th July 2020 - The day has arrived!

The children are being sent home with a memory stick containing these Powerpoints and some photos.

The staff say goodbye to Year 6

Year 6 say goodbye to their Reception Buddies

Year 6 Camp in October

Friday 10th July 2020 - Nearly time to go........

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Dear all

As you know St Francis Class, Yr 6, would normally have been taken part in a Yr 6 Leaver’s Mass at the Cathedral with other Yr 6 classes from across the diocese. Whilst this service is not able to go ahead in the Cathedral there is going to be a virtual service which includes a message from the Bishop. St  Francis Class will be watching this service . The service will be placed on the Clifton diocese schools website for Wednesday 8th July at 10am.

Please see the  link below if you would like to join in with this celebration.

Have a lovely day

Mrs Burden

Thursday 18th June - End of Year 6 Plans

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you plans for the end of term for St Francis class, Year 6. As mentioned previously we would like to make this end to their Primary School years as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

We have tried to keep as many of the traditional events in, however there are a few things we are unable to run due to social distancing and Local Authority guidelines. Unfortunately we are unable to have parents on to the school premises to join in with the celebrations, however we will try and capture these events by either recording them or by taking photos.

We have created a new tab on our school website in order for us to post photos, blogs etc by the children directly related to the end of year 6. We are also planning to provide each child with a memory stick which will have a collection of photos and clips from over the year.

The Friends of St Mary’s are also very keen to ensure that this Year 6 group do not miss out on the usual St. Mary’s traditions. Their autograph books have been beautifully packed ready for them at the end of term. They are also hoping to organise a reunion event for them in the autumn.

The year would not be complete without the signing of the jumpers and we still plan to go ahead with this – whilst still following guidelines. More details to follow nearer the time.

Please see below dates and events. A separate letter will follow regarding Sex Education and Relationships.

Monday 6th July

Sports morning


Transition preparation

Tuesday 7th July

Sex Education & Relationships

Wednesday 8th July

Drugs Education

Friday 10th July

Retreat day (in school)

Monday 13th July

Leaver’ lunch (picnic – weather permitting)

Tuesday 14th July

Leavers’ mass (school field – weather permitting)

Wednesday 15th July

Leavers’ assembly

Thursday 16th July

Celebration assembly (in Bubbles)


Final day at St. Mary’s


Kind regards

Kathy Burden

Acting Head Teacher 

Wednesday 17th June 2020 -  Class Photo

Dear Parents

Now that St Francis class have settled into their Bubbles, we are beginning to think of the many different activities Year 6 carry out in Term 6 to mark the end of their primary school years. We realise it is a very important time for them and do not want them to miss out. We will try and organise as many of the traditional events for them as we can whilst following government guidelines on social distancing and safety.

Once we have a plan in place with dates and times we will let you know.

In the meantime the school photo company have been busy organising a way to put together a Year 6 group photo. Please log onto and use your individual code, which is ......... (your unique number will have been emailed to you)

Here you can view and order their final class photo. You can chose between free delivery to the school or to your home at a cost of £5. The deadline date for ordering with free delivery to school is 28th June.


Kathy Burden