St George's Class Questionnaire

Welcome to the Reception Class Survey. You have been sent the link on how to complete the questionnaire on Survey Monkey. If required, please click on the Google button above which allows you to translate the questions into another language if required.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

  1. The Starting School Information Booklet I received prior to my child’s induction was useful.
  2. Was there any additional information you would like to have received as part of the starting school Information Pack?
  3. I found the induction afternoons my child attended useful.
  4. My child found the induction afternoons useful.
  5. My child and I found the home visit useful.
  6. All my questions were answered during the home visit
  7. The length of the home visit was appropriate.
  8. The phased entry into school helped my child to settle in (morning/afternoons).
  9. . Have you found the ‘Linger and Learn’ drop off sessions beneficial for you/and your child?
  10. Did you find the Introduction to Jolly Phonics meeting useful?
  11. My child's experience of starting school was positive.
  12. My child enjoys coming to school.
  13. I feel part of the school community.
  14. I have had the chance to discuss my child's needs with staff.
  15. I have had information about school life and know where to access further information if I need help.
  16. When thinking about your child's start at St Mary's, please comment below about what went well and what could have gone better for you and your child. - Option 1 - My child had a good start at St Mary's, Option 2 - My child did not have a good start at St Mary's


Strongly Agree     Agree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree