starting school timetable and induction policy

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The school day can be very long, bewildering and very tiring for a young child, so the children’s entry into school in September is an important stepping stone and is therefore staggered. We find that by lunchtime many of the children need a rest and the reassurance of a familiar face.  On entry to school it is also necessary for the teacher to carry out an assessment of their skills, which has to be done on an individual basis.  It is our intention to integrate the children into full-time education as soon as is possible in a way that is right for them.


A detailed induction programme is outlined below.


Induction Timetable







2nd September

School Closed Inset


3rd September

4th September

5th September

6th September

Home visits

Home visits

Morning Session 9.25-12.00

Morning Session 9.25-12.00




9th September

10th September

11th September

12th September

13th September

8.55am – 12.00pm

8.55am – 12.00pm

8.55am – 12.00pm

8.55am – 12.00pm

8.55am – 12.00pm


16th September

17th September

18th September

19th September

20th September

8.55am – 1.00pm (including lunch)

8.55am – 1.00pm (including lunch)

8.55am – 1.00pm (including lunch)

8.55am – 1.00pm (including lunch)

8.55am – 1.00pm (including lunch)



24th September

25th September

26th September

27th September

8.55am – 3.30pm

8.55am – 3.30pm

8.55am – 3.30pm

8.55am – 3.30pm

8.55am – 1.00pm (EARLY FINISH)


Full time from Monday 30th September





A child’s entry into school should ensure that the child’s time at school is a positive and rewarding experience. The induction process should enable the child to feel safe and secure within the school environment and enable us to plan with parents for the child’s needs.



  • To ensure the child is suitably comfortable with the school building, its staff and peers.
  • To enable teachers and staff to gain an insight into the needs of the child prior to admission.
  • To begin the process of a home/school partnership and encourage parents to become co-educators before the child starts school.
  • To provide opportunities for both the child and parent to establish friendships.
  • To ensure for a successful transition to EYFS and full time school.




Parents who have accepted the offer of a place will be invited to attend a total of four welcome sessions during the summer term prior to admission in the September comprising of:-

  • A welcome session
  • A storytelling session
  • Time in the classroom
  • A lunch time session


Children will be split into mixed gender/age groups for these sessions. Each group will receive an equal entitlement of time allocation during the induction sessions.


The school will hold an information meeting during the summer term prior to the September of admission, to explain the reception learning environment, the school ethos and any assessments carried out on entry to school. The parents will receive information about how to best prepare their child for starting school.


There will also be a meeting day where parents will be asked to make an appointment to discuss their child and any issues/concerns, which will allow any arrangements to be put in place before pupils start in September.


Parents will be issued with all relevant documentation related to admission prior to the children commencing school and the expectation is that parents will return the appropriate documentation during the induction session period.




In line with the school’s rationale, St Mary’s will implement the following procedure for admission:

  • Week 1: A home visit to each family in the first week of September, followed by an agreed number of mornings in school; this will be dependent on the number of children starting and the term dates.
  • Week 2: All children will complete a week of mornings only.
  • Week 3: All children will complete a week of mornings with lunch.
  • Week 4: All children will attend full-time, with the exception of leaving after lunchtime on Friday afternoon.
  • After that point they will attend full-time.
  • Where it is not felt to be beneficial for the child to attend school full time, the continuation of attendance on a part time basis will be negotiated with the parent/carer.




We believe that a love of school and learning is the key to a successful education; it is with this in mind that this policy has been written.