Food and Drink                           

St Mary’s has ‘Healthy School’ status and supports and encourages healthy eating; therefore children should only bring a piece of fruit or plain biscuit to eat during the mid-morning break period.  It is also important to send a sensible quantity of food for your child to eat so that they do not have too much for their snack. Pupils have access to water throughout the day and are asked to bring an appropriate water bottle.  Squash or flavoured water is only permitted at lunchtime.  Key Stage one pupils have the opportunity to have a carton of milk, which parents may purchase through the school’s recognised scheme.  Pupils under the age of 5 are entitled to a free carton of milk up until their 5th birthdaySWEETS ARE NOT PERMITTED AT ANYTIME during the school day.The school provides the opportunity for all pupils to have a piece of fruit during the afternoon break. 


This should be brought to school in an appropriate container, clearly marked with the child’s full name.  As a school that is committed to promoting a healthy life style, pupils are asked to bring a piece of fruit or veg as well as other healthy options for lunch.  Water is available at lunch-time for all children. Pupils may bring their own non fizzy drink  but this must be in a plastic container.


School meals are free for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Pupils can also apply for Free School Meals if parents are on certain benefits (this also triggers Pupil Premium funding). Please click on the menu link below:-


All children under 5 receive a free carton of milk every day. If you child is over 5 and in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and still wishes to have a daily carton of milk, this can be ordered direct through School Milk Services Ltd at a cost of £1.25 a week. Please click on the link below and download the letter. When you have completed this, please send this direct to School Milk Services Ltd and they will send the milk direct to the school.

School Milk Services Ltd Order Form    Table of Payments


Please remember that we are a nut free school because we have a child attending the school who has a severe nut allergy so please do not send any nuts or nut products to school for any reason.


When the Year 6 pupils go on their residential trip, we know how important it is for them and for parents to know that they will be offered  'delicious tasting, high energy, well cooked & plentiful' food.  Full information can be found of the Mill on the Brue link - Food on camp.

Finally, there are lots of healthy tips on our Parent Link pages - please click on the link below.

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