Breakfast Club                                                   

Breakfast Club started in September 2011. We initially had a small number of children, but this very quickly grew. Now in our fifth year, we have expanded in terms of staffing and child numbers. The club is booked in advance, where fees are also paid termly in advance. The cost is £2.50 per day. We operate a waiting list for when all the sessions are full.

The club is informal and friendly, allowing children a choice as to how they start the day: some children like to wake up slowly, others are chatting from the minute they arrive!

Each morning a nutritious breakfast is provided. There is always a variety of cereal on offer, plus fruit, toast and yoghurt. There is water, milk and juice available every day. The children choose their breakfast, sit down and talk together, and then clear away their dishes: the idea is that our breakfast replicates, as far as possible, the atmosphere of a family meal. At the end of the session, the children are well fed, happy and ready to learn.

Once the children have eaten, there is a wide selection of games to play. Play is at the heart of the club.

We are open every school day from 8am until the start of the school day at 8:55am.

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