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Newsletter 7 - 12.12.19

Christmas celebrations are in full swing at St Mary’s.  We started with last week’s Christmas Fayre which was very well supported. Thank you to the Friends of St Mary’s for their hard work and commitment and everyone that supported the event.  A final amount of the money raised will be given in the next newsletter but we are told it is around a whopping £1000.

 The KS1 productions took place yesterday – what a joy to watch! The performances were excellent and the singing beautiful; well done to everyone involved.

 We will look forward to St George’s Class nativity and the KS2 Carol Concert next week. The other Christmas events are listed below.

 Christmas wishes

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the continued support you offer St Mary’s. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020.

 Mrs Burden


Holy Family Church Parish Christmas Mass times

Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th December

6.00pm            Christmas Family Mass

11.15pm          Hymns and Readings to welcome Christmas.

Christmas Day

Wednesday 25th December

12.00am          Christmas Midnight Mass

9.30am            Christmas Mass

11am               Christmas Mass


Mrs George

We say good bye to Mrs George as she starts her maternity leave at the end of this term. We would like to thank her for all her hard work and commitment to St Mary’s.

We will look forward to hearing from her when the baby arrives.


Christmas Celebrations – December 2019





Friday 13th

Reception, Y1 and Y2

Visit to Holy Family Church

A session during the school day

Friday 13th

Whole school

Advent Reflection

3pm – families welcome

Monday 16th


St George’s Class Nativity Play

2.30pm, followed by refreshments at 3pm. All families welcome

Tuesday 17th

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Carol Concert Rehearsal at Holy Family Catholic Church 


Tuesday 17th

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Carol Concert at Holy Family Catholic Church 

6:00pm – all families welcome

Wednesday 18th

Whole School

Christmas Lunch – children may wear a Christmas Jumper


Thursday 19th 

Whole School

Christmas Mass

11am – all families welcome

Thursday 19th

Whole School

Celebration Assembly

2pm – all families welcome

Friday 20th

Whole School

Christmas parties – (board games can be brought in to play with friends.

School will provide refreshments and a Christmas snack

Friday 20th

Whole School

End of term 2

School will close at 1:30pm

Change of menu – last week of term

Monday 16th December

Pasta Bolognaise OR Vegetable Quiche


Tuesday 17th December



Wednesday 18th December

Christmas Dinner

Thursday 19th December

Chicken Pie OR Ratatouille Crumble

Peach Crumble

Friday 20th December

Fish Fingers OR Vegetable Nuggets

Arctic Roll

Christmas Lunch

Wednesday 18th December

 Roast Turkey

Pigs in Blankets



Vegetarian Sausage Plait


Roast Potatoes






Christmas Cup Cake or Christmas Biscuit or Fresh Fruit

Children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper that day and don’t forget their Christmas hat! These will be sent home in a few days before to decorate.

KS2 pupils wanting a Christmas lunch need to pay for a school meal that day as normal. There is no charge for KS1 pupils.



An Eco-Challenge!

Please can you encourage your child to send one Christmas card per class so that we can all reduce the resources used? Teachers will share the cards with the class. The Christmas post box will be available in school from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th December.



Thank you very much for all the generous donations we have had from parents over this term. Your generosity towards all the charitable events we run is overwhelming. Please be aware that when donations are asked for it is voluntary and families should not feel obliged to contribute. Any dress up days or dress down days for children are open to all regardless of contributions made.  


The KS2 Carol Service is on Tuesday 17th December at 6pm at Holy Family Church.

Please note this date in your diaries as we would like as many KS2 children to attend as possible. It is one of the few evenings of the year that we ask the children to prioritise a school event.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


KS1 Nativity

The KS1 nativity was excellent, you could tell it was well rehearsed especially for their age range. For example they were lovely at singing eloquently and they fitted in with the words of the music nicely. Their costumes really brought out the characters they were playing and the lights, music and especially the back ground because it really made the expression of the setting come out. You could also feel the Christmas spirit in all of the scenes.  

By Alphons and Holly


Since we are a Catholic school we have been spending lots of time focusing on the season of Advent. Our Advent theme is about being welcomed and valued. We have already had two reflections which have been led by Chaplaincy Club. This advent for example: Yr6 have been looking at an online advent calendar and are making a big advent wreath on their reflection area decorated with their advent wishes.

By Abhiram and Caomihe

Children in Need at St Mary’s

Over two weeks’ time in November, school council with Mrs Power and Mrs Hodges led a number of fundraising events for children in need. During these, we collected lots of money and the whole school is very proud of the grand total of £1877.16p.

Dress up movies

On Friday 15th November, the whole school dressed up as movie characters. We had a large variety, from Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes. It was incredibly fun seeing each other’s costumes.

Coffee Morning

Coffee morning was a big success; we had many parents come and join us for coffee, cake and tea with their children. Not only did they enjoy their food, they also had a nice time talking with one another.

Old Toy Sale

During the old toy sale, on Friday the 8th of November, many families visited the stalls full of kindly donated toys. Most of the toys were sold, however the toys that were left on the stall were given to another school for them to use again.

Fill in Pudsey Sheets

Over the half- term, school council gave out Pudsey sheets to every child in the whole school. The children were asked to fill them in with coins that would then be donated to charity. We have also collected lots of money with this activity.

Reported by Greta and Oscar C


It’s been a busy few months with the usual array of meetings covering a variety of topics including learning, resources and finance and admissions. We are also progressing with our recruitment of a substantive head teacher. Whilst this is still in progress, I am really pleased to confirm that Mrs Burden has agreed to continue as Acting ahead until the end of this academic year.

We are really happy with the progress the school is making under Mrs Burdens leadership and wanted to pass on our thanks to her and all the staff within the school. It is also pleasing to report that we have received similar feedback during discussions with both the LA and the Diocese.

Finally I’d like to take the time to wish you and your families a Happy Christmas. I hope you enjoy the festive break.


Ian Greenaway

Chair of Governors


St George’s (Yr R) Klaudia

St Nicholas’ (Yr 1) Nikola

St Elizabeth’s (Yr 2) Lena

St Augustine’s (Yr 3) Seb

St Bernadette’s (Yr 4) Sevin

St Martin de Porres’ (Yr 5) Maya

St Francis’ (Yr 6) – Evan


Lunchbreak Supervisor: Dylan

Teaching Assistants: Divine

Office Staff: Oskar O


Congratulations to these children.



We are getting an increasing number of calls at the end of the day informing the school of someone different picking up their child. To stop this rush please send an email or note in in the morning instead of calling where possible. Many thanks.



Please click the link below to see a range of FREE Wellbeing Courses being offered to adults in South Gloucestershire over the next couple of weeks. 


Courses range from:

  • Overcoming Low Mood - From Thursday 9th Jan for 6 weeks - Iron Acton
  •  Overcoming Anxiety and Panic - From Monday 24th Feb for 6 weeks - Lyde Green
  • Wellbeing Workshops - From December 2019 for 5 weeks - Various Locations
  • Peer Support Groups - Various Locations



In the case of illness, parents must provide the class teacher with an explanatory note/email on the pupil’s first day back at school. Messages do not suffice.

On the first day of absence you must contact the school before 9:30am informing us of your child’s absence from school that day.

In the case of diarrhoea or vomiting your child must remain at home for at least 48 hours after the last bout of sickness in order to minimise the spread of illness throughout the school.



All applications have to be made through South Gloucestershire Council, with the closing date 15th January 2020.  Please remember that you will also need to submit a copy of your child’s baptism certificate direct to the school by the above date, if your child is a baptised Catholic. Full details on the application process are available on the school website.



Please see the newsletter for published pictures.