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Thursday 4th March 2021 - Return to School

Dear Parents and Children,

I would like to provide some further details about the return to school on March 8th.

Firstly, I would like to say a very big well done and thank you to you all. The remote learning work that has been carried out by staff, children and supported by parents has been a real credit to you all. Thank you for this.

I think you will all agree with me in that this lockdown has seemed far more difficult for so many reasons. I do hope that we can now get back to some sort of normality within school. We are all really looking forward to the return of all children on March 8th. I would now like to provide some further details.

Apologies if you are already aware of some of these details but I would like to ensure you have as much information as possible so that you feel reassured about the safe return to school.

Covid Safety:

In my previous letter (Tuesday 23rd February) I provided information on how we are going to ensure a safe return to school. Please see the summary of our safety measures attached. The only addition I would like to make to this is that over the last week staff have taken part in the surge testing.

Safe drop off and pick up of children

Staggered drop off and collection times will continue- see below. If you have children in more than one class please drop all children at the earlier start time and collect at the later pick up time.   

Please can all parents who drive to drop off and collect children from school be respectful of our neighbours. Please park safely and considerately in a legal parking space. Please try to park at a distance from the school so the local roads do not become blocked.

Please ensure you maintain social distancing at drop off and pick up times- Please remember to leave the school site quickly once you have dropped off or collected your children. This will help keep the area around school clear. Please continue to wear face masks on the school site.

Year Group

Drop off time

Collection time

Pick Up



Year 1







Main Gate



Year 2






Front entrance


Year 3





Main Gate



Year 4





Main Gate



Year 5




 Front entrance


Year 6





St Joseph’s entrance



Attendance of all pupils from March 8th is mandatory- we will continue to follow up any pupil absences by following our attendance procedures.

Teaching and Learning:

I know there may be some concern from parents and children that they have missed out on some key learning over lockdown. Please may I reassure you these will be addressed throughout the remainder of the term. During the first week staff will also be ensuring children are settled back in to school routines, re-establishing friendships as well as focussing on mental wellbeing and providing opportunities for social skill and collaborative work. We are also aware that many children will have developed some very good learning skills during lockdown, particularly independence, problem solving and self-motivation; we want to harness these and build upon them.


Homework will resume from week beginning March 15th. It is hoped that KS2 and Year 2 will be able to continue using Google Classroom to set homework rather than using the previous homework platform. More information about this will be sent in due course.


Please can all children return to school wearing full uniform, including school shoes.  If you have difficulty with this due to children outgrowing clothes or shoes please contact the school office as we may be able to help you with this or advise of an alternative. Please do not go out and buy new items specifically for the 8th. As the weather still may be cold you may wish to send your child in to school wearing a long sleeved top underneath the school polo top. If possible please stick to black, blue or white.


The PE slots will revert back to the previous PE timetable. See below:

Reception - Wednesday

Year 1 - Wednesday and Friday

Year 2 - Monday and Thursday

Year 3 - Monday and Thursday

Year 4 - Monday and Tuesday

Year 5 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 6 - Monday and Friday

On the days your child is doing PE please continue to send them to school in their PE kit - jogging bottoms may be worn as the weather is still cold. Please ensure your child wears blue, black or grey joggers if possible.

School Dinners:

School dinners will continue as hot dinners with a vegetarian/vegan or meat/fish option. Children will eat their dinner in the hall, two classes at a time. Strict social distancing between classes and staff will be maintained. Year 6 will continue to eat their dinner in their classroom. The menu is available on the website under Information for Parents/Food and Drink.

Return of books, iPads, laptops, equipment:

If you have any reading books at home please send them into school in your child’s book bag on Monday 8th March so that their class teacher or class TA can quarantine these before they go back onto the shelves. If you have borrowed a school iPad or have had a school laptop please return them to the office. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will resume as it did pre-lockdown. (See Newsletter Friday 26th February) If your child had a place for just Key Worker school this place will no longer be available. Please contact the office if you have any queries about this or if you would like your child to go on the waiting list.

Football / Multi skills club

Mr Williams’ After School Clubs will resume in Term 5 (after the Easter holidays).

Music lessons

Guitar, brass, violin and flute lessons will resume week beginning March 8th.

I hope this provides you with enough information about the return to school for your child/children.

We are aware that some of you may still have anxieties around the reopening of school for all and hope that many of these concerns have been addressed in this week’s Parent Consultation Meetings.  If you wish to discuss anything further then please do contact the school and we will do our best to help you.

And finally …

Thank you once again for all the supportive comments you have shared with school over the last term. They really are appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you all back in next week.


Best wishes

Kathy Burden and staff

Summary of safety measures in place:

In order to ensure we manage a safe return for pupils, parents and staff, the following protective measures will remain in place.

  • Staff have taken part in the surge testing and we have been reassured by the LA that school will open as expected on Monday 8th March
  • Staggered start and finish times will remain the same as they were in previous terms
  • Social distancing at drop off and pick up times- (please remember to make a quick exit from the school site once you have dropped off or collected your children. This will help keep the area around school clear)
  • Parents / staff wearing of face masks for drop off and pick up of children
  • Quarantine of reading books and homework books
  • Wearing of PE kit into school for PE lessons (jogging bottoms / leggings for warmth)

Within school we will continue with:

  • Staggered break and lunch times
  • Separation of class bubbles from one another
  • Increased handwashing and hand sanitising
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the day and at the end of the day
  • Ventilation of classrooms and school
  • Staff wearing of face masks in communal areas
  • Twice weekly lateral flow home testing for staff
  • Separated staff areas to ensure minimum contact between staff

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Wednesday 3rd March 2021 - Federation Consultation Update

Dear Staff, Parents and Stakeholders,

The consultation and procedures for the investigation into the possible Federation of Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Stoke Lodge and St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Bradley Stoke, have now been completed.

Having taken in to account the results of the consultation and views of all interested parties, the governing bodies of both schools met independently to vote on the Federation of the two schools, on Monday 1st March 2021, and a vote was taken. The result of the votes was that the federation of the two schools would not take place.

The governors of both schools are grateful to all who took part in this process, especially the Joint Governors Working Party, members of the Diocese of Clifton, members of South Gloucestershire Council, and all who contributed comments and responses to the consultation. The governors of both schools will issue information on how they will progress to secure long-term Catholic leadership for their schools, in the near future.



Ian Greenaway                          Diane Mason

Chair of Governors                   Chair of Governors

St Mary’s                                     Holy Family

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Tuesday 2nd March - Lent

Dear Parents and Children

The Chaplaincy Team, with the support of Miss Fitzgerald, have put together a Lent reflection video for you to share at home; we will be sharing it in school as well. Please click on the link below:-

During Lent we think about how Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights in order to prepare himself for his ministry.

During Lent we prepare ourselves for Easter.

We are asked to: -

  • Fast - give something up or do something extra,
  • Give Alms-  donate to charity
  • Pray more.

We do hope you find time to reflect with Chaplaincy Team.

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Monday 1st March - St David’s Day

The 1st March is St David’s Day

 Please click on the presentation prepared by Clifton Diocese. This shares some interesting facts about St David and Wales.

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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Dear Parents

I hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable half term break.

 Following on from the most recent Government announcement (Monday 22nd February) I would like to confirm that St Mary’s will be reopening on Monday March 8th for all pupils.

In order to ensure we manage a safe return for pupils, parents and staff the following protective measures we have been using will stay in place.

  • Staggered start and finish times will remain the same as they were in previous terms
  • Social distancing at drop off and pick up times- (please remember to make a quick exit from the school site once you have dropped off or collected your children. This will help keep the area around school clear)
  • Parents / staff wearing of face masks for drop off and pick up of children
  • Quarantine of reading books and homework books
  • Wearing of PE kit into school for PE lessons (jogging bottoms / leggings for warmth)

Within school we will continue with:

  • Staggered break and lunch times
  • Separation of class bubbles from one another
  • Increased handwashing and hand sanitising
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the day and at the end of the day
  • Ventilation of classrooms and school
  • Staff wearing of face masks in communal areas
  • Twice weekly lateral flow home testing for staff
  • Separated staff areas to ensure minimum contact between staff

Please send your child into school dressed warmly (still in uniform – with layers e.g. a long sleeve top underneath their polo top if you wish) as although the heating will be on we will need to keep some windows and doors open to allow for adequate ventilation.

School dinners will continue as hot dinners with a vegetarian/ vegan or meat / fish option. Please see the menu on the school website.

Attendance of all pupils from March 8th is mandatory- we will continue to follow up any pupil absences by following our attendance procedures.

Thank you once again for your cooperation and support with this. 

Our priority will be as always to keep the whole school community safe whilst providing your children with an excellent education in a supportive and caring environment.

Best Wishes

Kathy Burden, Staff and Governors

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Wednesday 10th February 2021 - Year 1 and Year 2

Dear Children

 Thank you for joining me this afternoon for our safer internet assembly. Just in case some of you were unable to join me or were unable to see the shared screen on your device please click on the link below to see the story I read. It is all about a Detective Digiduck and his adventures with the internet.

I hope you all have a lovely half term holiday.

Best Wishes

Mrs Burden 

Image result for detective digiduck

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Wednesday 10th February 2021 - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Dear Parents,

Parent/ Teacher Consultations will take place week beginning 1st March.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to host these meeting in the normal way. Instead we will be offering remote sessions via Microsoft Teams as we did previously in November. Microsoft Teams has been used with some success as one of our online learning platforms. Please see below details of how this will work and dates and time slots. A booking system will be set up via Parent Mail so you will be able to book a slot in the normal manner. Appointments will be available to book from 9am on Saturday 13th February.

  • Each class will run their parent teacher consultations across 3
  • There will be three sessions to select from. Please book the afternoon sessions where possible if you will be at home or working from home on those days, leaving the after school appointments for key
  • You will have a 10 minute appointment
  • The Parent/Teacher consultation meetings will focus on your child’s learning which has taken place either in school or remotely at home. It will also be an opportunity to talk about your child’s wellbeing and how they have generally managed during this latest lockdown. Please note at this stage it will be not be possible to share assessment data with you as assessments will not have been completed or

 Whilst carrying out these teams meeting we ask that you use a quiet room. Prior to the meeting a link will be emailed to you. Once you click on this link you will be admitted into the waiting room. The class teacher will admit you in to the meeting at the correct time.

During this week, the afternoon Teams meetings with class teachers will not take place.

The dates for the meetings are as follows:-


Reception Class   Tuesday 2nd March       1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March         3.45pm – 6.30pm Thursday 4th March          1.00pm – 3.30pm
Year 1 Class  Monday 1st March         1.00pm – 3.30pm Tuesday 2nd March               1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March      3.45pm – 6.30pm
Year 2 Class    Tuesday 2nd March       1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March         3.45pm – 6.30pm Thursday 4th March           1.00pm – 3.30pm
Year 3 Class Monday 1st March         1.00pm – 3.30pm Tuesday 2nd March               1.00pm – 3.30pm

Wednesday 3rd March      3.45pm – 6.30pm

Year 4 Class Monday 1st March         1.00pm – 3.30pm Tuesday 2nd March               1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March       3.45pm – 6.30pm
Year 5 Class Tuesday 2nd March       1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March         3.45pm – 6.30pm Thursday 4th March            1.00pm – 3.30pm
Year 6 Class Tuesday 2nd March        1.00pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 3rd March         3.45pm – 6.30pm Thursday 4th March            1.00pm – 3.30pm


If you have any queries or concerns about this please contact the school –


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Friday 29th January 2021 - End of Term 2 Celebration Assembly

Please find below all those chosen for an award at December's Celebration Assembly.

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Tuesday 27th January 2021 - A prayer for those that have lost their lives to Covid-19

Dear Parents

This morning, children and staff in school will stop at 11:00am to mark the 100, 000 and above deaths during the Covid pandemic. We will light a candle and pray for all those families who have suffered a loss due to this pandemic. So many of us have families or friends who have had Covid, many of us may have friends or family who have died due to Covid.

If you are able to, please stop at 11:00am and join us in this time of prayer and reflection.

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Thursday 21st January 2021 - Staff Covid-19 Testing

Dear Parents,

Following the launch of rapid asymptomatic Covid-19 testing in secondary schools and colleges earlier in January, staff in primary schools have now been offered the opportunity to take part in regular staff asymptomatic testing. Sharon Wiltshire has taken on the role as Covid Co-ordinator in order to manage staff Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing.

As a school, we see this as a positive step in identifying cases of Covid-19 that would otherwise be undetected. This testing will identify more positive cases of Covid-19 and ensure those infected isolate, protecting those who cannot work from home and our vital services. This program is crucial given that around 1 in 3 people have coronavirus without displaying any symptoms.

Staff will be testing themselves at home twice a week and their results will be logged with NHS Track & Trace and with the school. We understand that this may impact on critical key worker parents and their work if their child is in school, because a positive result will result in the closure of that class bubble. Any staff that test positive with the home testing kit will then isolate at home and book a PCR test ( as they would if they experience symptoms). If this test also shows as positive then the class bubble will need to continue to all isolate at home for 10 days and, providing the staff member and their household remains well, remote learning will continue to be offered during this period. Should the PCR test show as negative, the class bubble and teacher will be able to return to school.

Testing will begin from next week and staff will be testing on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. If your child is currently attending key worker school, you will only be notified if your child’s class bubble will NOT be able to attend school the next day. We will aim to let you know this by 8:30pm. Any staff that have symptoms at any time will continue to follow the current advice and will book a PCR test and isolate immediately.

Positive results may also alter the provision of the remote learning for children currently studying at home.

We are aware that these tests are only a snapshot of whether someone shows as negative at that moment in time and we will therefore still be keeping to the current national guidelines of hands-space-face.

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Monday 18th January - Letter from South Gloucestershire Council

Keeping our children safe and supporting our schools and early years settings during the current national lockdown: a message to all parents and carers


We are writing to thank you for all you are doing as parents and carers to support your children’s learning, to update you on some key messages that affect all children, young people and families across South Gloucestershire and to ask you for your continued support of your school communities to keep everyone safe.

Please think carefully about sending your child to school

  • Under the current national lockdown, children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.
  • In the face of the rapid rise in numbers of cases across the country and intense pressure on our local NHS and care system, we all need to do everything we can to reduce all our social contacts wherever possible.
  • Each of our schools are working in a set of very individual and different circumstances, so the places they can provide safely for children of critical workers and vulnerable children will vary, too and will be based on their risk assessments. If you are critical workers, please talk to your child’s school if you are able to alter your childcare arrangements and only send your child in when you are working.    
  • Children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) should also attend their school or college subject to risk assessments and through discussion with school leaders
  • For the government guidance read more: Children of critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings - GOV.UK (

Dropping off and picking children up from school and early years settings

  • Thank you for staying home during this national lockdown and only leaving home for essential reasons. Please support your school, nursery or early years setting by following the arrangements they have in place for drop-off and pick-up times, especially when you have other children who you can't leave at home. Always remember Hands, Face, Space and not gathering outside with other parents and carers. Do not arrive early and leave the site promptly to avoid any unnecessary contact with others.

Free home learning support resources

  • For all other students who are receiving remote education, the curriculum will look different because some subjects are much easier to deliver remotely than others. Your school or college will communicate their offer with you, what they expect and how parents/carers can access support and give feedback.
  • You can find free online resources and activities through Integra Schools, a new online resource to support parents, carers and teachers. Find out more 
  • Working with school, social care and health staff we have been identifying and supporting eligible families who need a device and/or access to the internet for their child to be able to complete school work at home. This means that we have been able to respond to all requests received so far.  If you have any questions in relation to devices, please contact your child’s school.

Thank you for continuing to help keep South Gloucestershire safe.

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Friday 15th January 2021 - Virtual Assemblies

Dear Parents and Children,

I do hope you are all keeping safe and managing the demands of Home Learning. We are so impressed with the quantity and quality of the work being which has been submitted so far. Well done all of you.

We appreciate that learning remotely may be more difficult for you; it is very different to learning in school and at times you may feel isolated.

To support with this we intend to introduce more interactive Teams meetings so that children have an opportunity to discuss their learning with one another and their class teacher. More details from class teachers to follow.

I would also like to hold virtual meetings / assemblies with children working from home. In order to make it manageable I shall meet with a class at a time, starting with Key Stage 2 classes. Please see the schedule below. The meetings will last approximately 30 minutes. Please note if these meetings are successful then I shall schedule them in on a regular basis. I understand work commitments may prevent your child joining these meetings as the time and day may not suit everyone.

During the virtual meetings the same expectations as meeting with their class teacher will apply.

You will receive a separate email with the link to join your session.

Thank you once again for all the hard work you are doing at home.

Class meetings/ Assemblies -: Focus – Feedback on remote learning

Year 6 – St Francis Class: Monday 18th January – 2:00pm until 2:30pm

Year 5 – St Martin’s Class Tuesday 19th January – 2:00pm until 2:30pm

Year 4 – St Bernadette’s Class: Wednesday 20th January 2:00pm until 2:30pm

Year 3 – St Augustine’s Class Friday 22nd January 2:00pm until 2:30pm

We would also like to provide parents with a chance to meet virtually with myself and Mrs Creese. More details of these meetings to follow.

Best wishes

Kathy Burden

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Tuesday 12th January 2021 - Important Updates

Dear Parents,

As you will appreciate there are many things that are rapidly changing and we will need to keep you updated. We will try to include as many of these in one update to avoid constant emails being sent. We will also be adding these to the website under school news, so you have an up-to- date news feed, similar to that in the first lockdown. Newsletters and School News can be translated into another language by clicking the Google Translate button at the top of the website page.

The latest updates are:-

Proposed Federation with Holy Family School – there is a Zoom meeting this afternoon at 2pm if you have any questions for the governors on the proposed federation information sent to you before Christmas. The Zoom link was emailed yesterday.

Admissions for Reception Children in September 2021 – the closing date for applications is 15th January. Applications for a place need to be made through South Gloucestershire Council and any supporting baptism certificates need to be given to the school by the 15th January deadline.  Further information is on our website under Admissions.

Statutory Assessment – SATs - The following assessments, scheduled between April and July 2021, have been cancelled:

  • KS1 teacher assessments
  • KS2 tests and teacher assessments
  • Phonics screening check

We will continue to use Teacher Assessment to inform teaching and learning and update when we have further information.

Free mobile data – if you wish to apply for free mobile data to support your child’s home learning, please complete the form we sent by 4pm this afternoon in order for us to meet the submission deadline.

Critical Key Workers Changes - the number of pupils in school is still steadily increasing and we nearly have half of pupils in. The government have updated their guidance to encourage critical key worker parents to keep their children at home where possible:-

Parents whose work is critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and EU transition response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors outlined in the following sections. Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.

It is important to remember that schools closed to stop the transmission of Coronavirus – Bradley Stoke currently has an extremely high rate of 456 people per 100,000. The more children we have in school, the less we can reduce social distancing and the higher the chance of cases affecting the school. This would lead to class bubbles closures, where there is the potential for key workers who hold vital roles then not being able to fulfil their duties in areas such as the NHS, and potentially extend the period of national school closures.  We appreciate that remote learning is difficult when parents are working from home or on shift patterns but where possible, pupils should not be in school. This is especially relevant where only one parent is a key worker. We really are stretched with staff and will have to alter our provision if any are sick and unable to come into school. We are also working very hard to deliver the best remote learning provision we can; this is becoming increasingly difficult with so many pupils in school. We have a duty of care to all pupils, whether they are in school or at home.

 If parents could please keep their children home where possible, even if on certain days, it would lower the risk of infection in our school community. We are waiting for further guidance from the government and local authority of what to do if our numbers reach 50% of the pupils attending school, as we are very close. We may then have to take steps to prioritise vulnerable children, alongside those where both parents are key workers and according to their occupation.

Changes to what is considered a close contact for isolation purposes - The Government have updated what is considered a close contact for isolation purposes. Previously someone would have to be at a distance of 2 metres for 15 minutes or more to be considered a close contact. This has been changed to a total of 15 minutes in a day, so short but regular contact (adding up to 15 minutes in a day) would make you a close contact, raising the chances of infection and self-isolation. Any contact with someone under a metre, regardless of if PPE is worn, is considered a close contact.

Parents Evening – we will be informing you of the dates shortly. They will follow the same online format as last time which, with only a few hiccups, were highly successful.

Celebration Assembly – the PowerPoint celebrating the pupils achieving awards in December will be on the website by the end of the week.

Faith Week – next week is faith week and the focus will be Sikhism. It is important that children have an understanding of how others celebrate their faith. Please take the time to ask your child what they have learnt.

PE Days (Keyworker Pupils) – before the government announcement last Monday, we had written to you regarding different PE days for Term 3. This was largely due to sports coaches coming into school, which due to the increased social distancing measures have stopped the cricket coaches coming into school. Mr Williams will be in school in the mornings and afternoons, teaching pupils outside if the weather allows. He will be operating a 2 week time table due to his other work commitments.  He will be maintaining social distancing at all times; pupils will be taken to the playground by their teacher, to stop cross contamination of bubbles.

As PE arrangements are both staff and weather dependant, please therefore continue to send your child into school in their PE kits on the days we previously said and on the other days, it would be advisable to send them into school in trainers. We wish to take every opportunity of dry weather we can to get them outside. Please also note that we apologise if your child comes into school on their designated PE day and does not do PE – we are having to adapt timetables due to the weather and staffing, as teachers also do online afternoon meetings with children learning at home.

Online Safety - We have been asked to emphasise the importance of online safety during the National Lockdown. Please see: - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - staying safe online  Coronavirus (COVID-19) - staying safe online - GOV.UK (

CBBC programmes to support education – you may wish to use the attached television schedule to support your child’s learning. Programmes are also available under the red button.

Kind regards,



Kathy Burden

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Monday 4th January 2021 - New Government Announcement

Following on from the latest Government announcement tonight (8pm 04/01/2021) St Mary’s School will be closed tomorrow for all pupils. There will be no online learning tomorrow, Tuesday. If you are a Critical Key Worker, have a child receiving social care support or your child has an EHCP, please complete the form that was sent to you earlier today which sets out the requirements for a place in school by 12.00 tomorrow midday Tuesday (05/01/2021).

Whilst we are waiting further information from the Local Authority we will do our best to sort out the organisation of key worker school and remote learning arrangements. Please wait for us to inform you whether there is a place for your child. We hope to be able to open key worker school on Wednesday 06/01/2021 and also start remote learning.

I appreciate the short notice of this situation may cause inconvenience and difficulty for you, however we have only received this news at the same time as you have, during the Prime Minister’s announcement. We need to ensure that the policies and procedures we put in place are robust and maintain the safety of the whole school community.

Kind regards

Kathy Burden

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Thursday 17th December 2020

Dear Parents,

As we reach the end of another busy term  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all your support, kind words, gifts and well wishes to myself and all the staff. They are greatly appreciated. We all know it has been a challenging time for the whole school community. However once again the team work approach between school, governors and parents has helped alleviate some of the strain.

This term has seen the need for us to use our new remote learning platform; I am pleased to say that despite a few technological hitches this has been successful. Well done to St Francis’, Year 6 class and St Augustine’s, Year 3 class for persevering with it and managing to overcome any of the difficulties they were experiencing.

Celebrating Christmas this term in school has been a very different experience. Although we were unable to have live audiences in to watch the Reception, KS1 nativity and KS2 carol concert the children were able to rise to the occasion and deliver fantastic performances. I do hope you have enjoyed watching these via our website or from the memory sticks. The KS2 carol service has now been added to the secure page of the website and all can be viewed at

Christmas dinner was also a huge success; the children enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers and eating their hot school meal. We had such little waste compared to previous years. In the afternoon a surprise virtual visit by Father Christmas also added to the excitement. Thank you to FOSM for organising this. Thank you also for your very generous donations to Children in Need – we raised a total of £159.67

I do hope you all have a restful Christmas break and that we all return safely to school in January. I know that whatever challenges we may face at the start of Term 3 we will continue to work together to overcome them.

Take care and Best Wishes

Kathy Burden and Staff

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Friday 13th November 2020- Anti Bullying Week (16th - 20th November) 

Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge. Anti-Bullying Week is no different. Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers and politicians, to children and young people, we all have our part to play in coming together to make a difference. We are all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we are united against bullying.

Next week the children will take part in discussions and activities to enable them to embrace the theme “United against Bullying.”

Please do ask your child to share with you what they have been learning about this during the week.

You are able to access parent resources and our Anti-Bullying Policy by clicking the links below:

Anti-Bullying Toolkit Anti-Bullying Policy


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Wednesday 11th November - Important CoVid 19 Information

Dear Parents

Please can I remind you that if you or a family member show Covid symptoms and are awaiting a test or test result do not send your child/ children in to school. Equally if your child / children have  had contact with someone out of the family home who is experiencing symptoms and is awaiting a test or test results please do not send them in. Following these procedures will help with keeping other pupils and staff safe. Please note for health and safety reasons school will have to close bubbles If we experience a critical mass of staff out due to the need to self-isolate or because they are ill themselves with CoVid symptoms.


Kathy Burden

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Monday 2nd November 2020 - Term 2

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have all managed to enjoy the half term break and spend some restful time with your family.

As we begin another busy term with a November lock down ahead of us we know that there will be further challenges for us as a school. However, with your continued support we will do all that we can to support the pupils and families through this difficult time.  

We are very pleased that schools will remain open, although due to the rise in the virus we must expect that more cases will occur in our community, including at school. Please be prepared for children, classes or staff to have to self-isolate and please continue to follow the advice below:

Pupils or household members showing possible symptoms of Covid

Government guidance remains that anyone displaying one of the three relevant symptoms should self-isolate (with all members of their household) for 10 days from the onset of symptoms (14 for household members) until they can get a test. These are:

  • a high temperature (37.8 C or higher)
  • a new, continuous cough (coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours)
  • the loss or change of their sense of taste or smell (they cannot taste or small anything, or things smell or taste very different to normal)

Please can I reinforce that it is essential that parents do not send their children into school if they, or anyone in their household, have any of these symptoms. Only the person displaying symptoms should be tested. There is no need for their households to have a test, unless they are also symptomatic. If a positive test is received, all household members will need to complete their 14 day self-isolation and should another member of the household then start to show symptoms and test positive, the isolation period for the rest of the household members will begin again. If negative tests are received for any symptomatic household members then children may return to school.

The full ‘Stay at Home guidance for households’ can be found at:

Normally at the start of Term 2 we begin to make arrangements for Christmas celebrations in school. I am currently working with staff to plan how we will do this this year. We hope to be able to perform a virtual KS1 Christmas Nativity with carols and have Christmas dinner and parties following Covid regulations. As soon as we have arrangements in place we will let you know. Despite the Covid Pandemic I would like to reassure you that teaching and learning, along with children’s safety and wellbeing, remain the core purpose of our school.

Although we don’t know how things will develop over the next few months I trust that we will all continue to work closely together for the benefit of the school community.

 Best wishes

 Kathy Burden and Staff

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Thursday 22nd October - Remote Learning and other updates

Dear Parents

It is important that you read the Remote Learning letter below. A Home Learning Book and login details have been sent home with your child. An email with the login details will also be sent in Term 2.

A school newsletter will be sent tomorrow.

Please look at the School Blog for information from today’s Celebration Assembly.

Reception Parents:- The children will have a change of start time from Term 2 and will attend school 8.45 until 3.15pm. They will leave through the main playground gate.

Have a safe half term.

Strategy for Remote Education Procedures

Autumn Term 2020

 We would like to share with you the systems and procedures which we have put in place for an effective remote education in the event of a class closure due to a positive Covid case, or a local/national lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home. Our Remote Learning takes into consideration the feedback we have received from you at the end of Term 6 and during Term 1 via the IT survey. The remote learning package also needs to take into consideration that many staff may still be either in school teaching children of critical workers, possibly be unwell themselves or caring for someone who is unwell or looking after their own children at home.

Google Classrooms

If a class ‘bubble’ or the whole school community is required to self-isolate/ quarantine, we will use Google Classroom as our main route of information and learning for all pupils in Years 1-6. Class Dojo will continue to be the platform used by children in Reception.

We will use a mixture of pre-recorded contact/teaching from the class teacher which will introduce carefully planned sequences of work, alongside the existing online resources of the Oak Academy and other established websites. These fulfil all of the requirements set out in the ‘Government Guidance for Full Opening’ and enable pupils to access high-quality online and offline resources, following a broad and balanced curriculum.

Google Classroom is one of the Local Authority recommended learning platforms for the following reasons:

  • Appropriate safeguarding checks are in place for both pupils and staff.
  • The School Leadership Team will to be able to effectively monitor the content of lessons.
  • The learning will be accessible from any device, at any time.
  • The platform enables the needs of all pupils to be met as it allows for individual responses and differentiated tasks.
  • Recorded videos will enable pupils and staff to have regular contact.
  • The platform allows for appropriate whole-class feedback to the previous day’s learning.

Whilst ‘live’ lessons will not be taught, each pupil will have the opportunity to login into a ‘TEAMS’ meeting once a week. Within each class the children will be split into 5 groups of 6. The meeting will be led by the class teacher. The main purpose of the meeting will be to allow the children to review their learning with the class teacher as well as to ensure they retain a strong connection with the class community.


In order to provide comprehensive maths learning we have invested in an online Maths program called Mathletics for years 2-6 and Mathseeds for Reception and Year 1. This will replace Time Table Rockstars for some year groups.

Mathletics and Mathseeds provide a huge range of curriculum-aligned lessons and activities at the right level of challenge to help children grow, gain confidence, and achieve their best.

They are both engaging, interactive and provide immediate feedback to children so that errors can be quickly picked up and corrected. They also track progress so that both staff and parents can see the progress being made. These packages will be used to provide the majority of maths teaching and learning for children. When appropriate they will be supplemented with other resources and explanations by the class teacher.

Please note class teachers will also begin to use Mathletics/ Mathseeds for normal weekly homework during Term 2. Before it is set for homework children will have had time in school to become familiar with its use.

Readiwriter Spelling

In order to ensure pupils continue to develop their vocabulary and an understanding of spelling we have invested in an online spelling program - Readiwriter Spelling. This uses engaging activities and games to support pupils develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.  Please note as with Mathletics and Mathseed, class teachers will also begin to use Readiwriter Spelling for normal weekly homework during Term 2. Before it is set for homework, children will have had time in school to become familiar with its use.

Details of the Daily/Weekly Routine in the event of a class closure or school closure

Each morning, children will receive a personal message from their teacher via Google Classroooms. The message will outline the work set for the day and make connections with prior and future learning. The teacher might provide some examples and teach key skills/facts, but initial lessons will remain short.

Each week your child will be sent a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting. In the event of an extended lockdown we will try to ensure the meeting is on the same day each week

Children will be expected to complete some English and Maths work each day, along with at least one task from another curricular area. Over the week, a broad range of work across different curriculum areas will be covered. Children will also be reminded to undertake regular exercise, reading, relaxation and mindfulness activities. We will set clear requirements for each day and children will be expected to complete a similar amount of formal work to that they usually do in school.

The children will complete their home learning work in a designated Home Learning Book which they have already been given, or work will be completed online and submitted electronically. If possible, the work completed in the Home Learning Book will be marked by the class teacher when the child returns to school.

Please note the Home Learning Book is only to be used if your child is off school due to class closure, school closure or if your child is self-isolating for up to 2 weeks.

Google Classroom will be used for staff to post tasks and accompanying worksheets for pupils. Pupils will be able to upload their finished work, as well as videos and photographs of their achievements. There will also be links to our school website and other useful online resources. Please note staff will also post the same work on the school homework website as well as Google Classroom just in case anyone is unable to access Google Classroom.

The Oak Academy and other Online Resources

The Oak Academy has been specially commissioned by the government and includes lessons that cover the entire National Curriculum. St Mary’s staff will use units of work and lessons from this site. The curriculum also includes specialist content for pupils with SEND, including communication and language, numeracy, creative arts, independent living, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy.


Logins for the following: Google Classrooms, Mathletics/ Mathseed and Readiwriter will be stuck in the front of the Home Learning Exercise books which have been sent home with your child. They will also be emailed out to parents in Term 2.

The School Website

The school website will be regularly updated with news and blogs in a similar way to which it was during the previous lock down. It will also contain resources, links and signposting to various other support e.g mental wellbeing, e- safety.

We are sure you will appreciate that setting up a remote learning platform takes a considerable amount of time and expense. Please be patient with us as we continue to evolve our offer. We will do our best to accommodate all needs and requests when possible.

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Thursday 8th October - New Lunch Menus

Dear Parents,

Please find below the menus for the next two weeks, which now include some hot food options.

We are hoping that at some point in Term 2 we will be able to move fully back to hot dinners. This will depend on whether it will be possible to safely return the children back to the school hall with the social distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures required. We also intend to look at the feasibility and practicalities of having hot dinners in the classroom. We will keep you informed.

Parents of pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will have a form sent to choose for their child shortly. Pupils in KS2 will select their option during daily registration.

Menus will be available on the website under Information for Parents/Menus.

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Tuesday 29th September Parent/Teacher Consultation Appointments

Dear Parents,

Due to the Co-Vid 19 restrictions we are unable to host Parent / Teacher consultations in the normal way. Instead we will be offering remote sessions via Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed through your normal browser (or the app) on most electronic devices. Please see below details of how this will work and dates and time slots. A booking system will be set up via Parent Mail so you will be able to book a slot in the normal manner. Appointments will be available to book at 8am on Wednesday 30th September.

  • Each class will run their parent teacher consultations across 2 days
  • These days will be in week 6, 7 and week 8 of Term 1 and there will be three sessions to select from:-
    • Session 1 – 9:15am - 12:15pm
    • Session 2 - 1.30pm – 4.00pm
    • Session 3 - 4:00pm-6:30pm
  • You will have a 10 minute appointment time
  • The Parent / Teacher consultation will focus on your child’s wellbeing and how they have generally settled back into school with an overview of how their learning is progressing
  • Please note at this stage it will be not be possible to share assessment data with you as assessments will not have been completed or analyse.

Whilst carrying out these teams meeting we ask that you use a quiet room. Prior to the meeting a link will be emailed to you. Once you click on this link you will be admitted into the waiting room. The class teacher will admit you in to the meeting at the correct time.

The dates for the meetings are as follows:-

Reception Class     Tuesday 20th October                 9.15am - 12.15pm

                                                                                               4.00pm – 6.30pm

                                    Wednesday 21st October             1.30pm – 4.00pm


Year 1 Class             Monday 12th October                   9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                              4.00pm – 6.30pm

                                    Tuesday 20th October                 1.30pm – 4.00pm


Year 2 Class             Tuesday 13th October                 1.30pm – 4.00pm

                                    Wednesday 14th October           9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                              4.00pm – 6.30pm


Year 3 Class             Tuesday 13th October                 1.30pm – 4.00pm

                                    Wednesday 14th October          9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                             4.00pm – 6.30pm


Year 4 Class            Monday 12th October                 9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                             4.00pm – 6.30pm

                                    Tuesday 20th October                1.30pm – 4.00pm


Year 5 Class            Wednesday 7th October            9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                             4.00pm – 6.30pm

                                    Thursday 8th October                 1.30pm – 4.00pm


Year 6 Class             Wednesday 7th October             9.15pm -12.15pm

                                                                                               4.00pm – 6.30pm

                                    Thursday 8th October                  1.30pm – 4.00pm


If you have any queries or concerns about this please contact the school –

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Friday 25th September - Walk (cycle, scoot or park and stride) to School Campaign starts again Thursday 1st October

Living Streets’ WOW – the year-round walk to school challenge is back at St Mary’s to help encourage as many children as possible to experience the benefits of walking to school during the 2020-21 school year. The project is being delivered by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, in association with South Gloucestershire Council and funded by the Department for Transport.

As you know, WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) three times every week for a month, they get rewarded with a collectable badge at the end of the month. If your family already cycles or scoots to school, these will count towards their WOW badge.

What are the benefits of walking to school? Walking to school helps children feel happier and healthier and even do better in class because they arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn. And more families walking means less cars on the road during the school run, helping to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates.

What if you can’t walk to school? If you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, you can Park and Stride to still help your child receive their WOW badge. Park or hop off public transport at least five to ten minutes away from the school and walk the rest of the way.  We have a Park & Stride Zone map attached to this email, as well on our website -

Is walking to school safe at this time? Walking to school remains an effective way to reduce congestion and improve road safety at the school gates, while increasing physical activity and benefitting pupil wellbeing. The government is actively working with schools and local authorities to encourage families to walk to school whenever they can during this time. However, it is important that measures are in place to protect everyone’s health and are always observed. Living Streets understands that schools face unique challenges at present, which create uncertainty for staff, pupils, and families. We are committed to helping families adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring that everyone involved in our walk to school challenge stays safe.

Did you know? The WOW badges are made using excess yoghurt-pot material previously destined for landfill and are produced in the UK, minimising our carbon footprint. The packaging we use is 100% biodegradable. We’re proud to have found a brilliant use for landfill material!

Thousands of schools and around one million pupils are enjoying the benefits of walking to school across the UK this year so we hope you’ll be joining us! If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Miss Westhead through the office, or for more information visit: 

Let’s continue to swap those school runs for school walks.

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Wednesday 9th September - Parking Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you who continue to park safely and in a respectful manner to our residents.

The start to the school day seems to be running very smoothly. All staff have commented on how happy the children are when coming into school and how lovely it is that we are all able to meet and greet the children on an individual basis. The end of the school day is still very busy, however it does appear to be running smoother as well. We are trying our best to ensure children are ready to be collected by parents at the allocated time so that parents are not kept waiting. Once you have collected your child please leave the school site quickly so that social distancing for other parents can be maintained. As these drop off and pick up timings are working well we will continue with these times for the foreseeable future.

The Police Community Officer Team have been monitoring morning drop-off time and will start monitoring pick-up time next week. They have the authority to issue on- the-spot fines to anyone who has parked illegally. A Camera Car will also start monitoring the drop-off and pick-up times; it will take photos of cars parked illegally and issue fines to the owners. We will continue to publish photos of cars parking dangerously or illegally in our newsletters and on our website. In order to try and alleviate the parking pressure around the locality I have investigated the use of Bradley Stoke Evangelical Church’s car park at the top of Webbs Wood Road. Pastor Tim Sunderland has kindly agreed that parents of St Mary’s School  are able to use this for parking if we feel it is needed. This will involve considerable staff time to unlock and lock up all the parking bollards of the car park; we will continue to think whether this can be managed without taking time away from the teaching and learning of children.

Travel Tracker will be starting again soon. This is a South Glos Council initiative that encourages active travel to school through walking, cycling, scooting or park and stride, with badges then given to children who complete this three times a week over the term. This proved very popular last year and acted as a real incentive for children and parents, so please do engage with this again. We are still waiting for details of when this starts and will let you know as soon as we hear.

Thank you for your cooperation in this.

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Monday 7th September - Parking issues and further actions

Dear Parents,

As I mentioned in my previous letter we have had a very good start back to school. This has been down to all the hard work that took place over the summer holidays preparing for the reopening of school and also because the children have been so cooperative and willing to adhere to all the new health and safety procedures which have been put in place.

Unfortunately after school on Friday we had to deal with a number of very upset residents and parents due, once again, to dangerous and inconsiderate parking by some of the parents. This consisted of blocking driveways, parking on double yellow lines, parking on the corner of the roads and blocking visibility and verbal abuse.  On Friday alone we had six emails, two telephone calls and a visit from an angry resident. We have also been made aware of posts on social media.

Some of the comments sent to us are as follows:-

‘I saw a parent park on the double yellow lines, and partly blocking the driveway of 1 Juniper Way. I spoke to the parent, and stated that he was giving the other parents a bad name. I also politely suggested that the parent park elsewhere.  The parent swore at me, and also shouted at me, in front of my young child. He told me the traffic jam was not his fault and said ‘what do you expect me to do’. I (shamefully) started to cry and said that I didn’t blame him for the traffic jam. At this point he walked away, and then turned back around and started shouting again about the parking issue not being his fault’.

‘Upon coming over to the school to complain, I am told the staff are busy ensuring the small children are dismissed.  This is great but do you think about the safety of those children, local residents and members of the public just simply trying to either walk on the pavement or get onto their drive?! I thought you were arranging for the area to be manned in some way. I am astounded that you didn't even appear to be aware of how bad it was this evening’.

‘I am constantly shocked by the dangerous and selfish parking of your parents and carers. Every day that you have been open this week I have witnessed cars on double yellow lines and cars blocking driveways. This is not a new problem but I had hoped a new term might encourage better behaviour... unfortunately I think today was the worst I have seen it’.

‘I have to say, very disappointingly, that the parking I have witnessed so far this week has not been good, even without all the school back’.

We understand that due to our staggered start and end times traffic congestion on the roads surrounding St Mary’s has increased. Please can we make a plea to you all to only drive to collect your children if you absolutely have to.  If you do have to drive, please do not attempt to drive down and park in Juniper Way.

We have been asked to implement staggered starts in order to maintain social distancing. All the research and literature around CoVid 19 show that, along with handwashing, social distancing is one of the key things we can all do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We have set the staggered start and pick up times in order to cause as minimum disruption to the school day and children’s learning. We appreciate that this makes it difficult for working parents or those who have other children to drop off, but this is unavoidable. We have agreed to take all siblings at both the earliest drop off and the latest pick up times to make it easier for parents and to maintain social distancing and reduce congestion. Many schools are not doing this and parents are left waiting between at both ends of the day. The rear gate is not currently being used due to the narrowness of the path making social distancing difficult and the problems that arise with parents collecting more than one child.

This is not a new problem but one we hoped we would not have to spend so much time on this year. St Mary’s is a caring school, with an ethos that teaches pupils to be considerate, understanding and thoughtful of others. Having a child or adult injured or even killed due to dangerous and inconsiderate parking will impact everyone. Parking on double yellow lines, on pavements, blocking views on the corners of roads or across and sometimes even on, neighbours’ driveways is not acceptable, nor is abusive language to others. We would sooner a child occasionally be five minutes late or look after a child for an additional five minutes if that meant their parent parked further away, safely and walked to collect them.

Next Steps

  • We have again contacted the police and local authority to help support us and are looking at other ways to improve the situation.
  • We will continue to post photos of inconsiderate and dangerous parking on our website and in our newsletter and send every photo to the police. We encourage parents to email photos to
  • We are considering making it a one way system through school which will add time and a significant walk for all parents but could disperse the parking for those that have to drive over a wider area.
  • We are also considering lengthening the time between pickups which means some children will have to start school later or leave school earlier, missing out on vital learning time.
  • We will also be spending time and money on resources for parking and traffic problems that should have been spent on teaching and learning.

Policing and monitoring parking is not under the school’s jurisdiction and we do not have the capacity, authority or skills to have staff outside the school premises to tell parents how to park safely and considerately and we should not have to. The residents are becoming increasingly angry and understandably so but knowing the difficulties of social distancing measures, they would probably be a little more tolerant if they were not subject to such disregard and abuse

Our values this term are compassion and love. Please model these values to your children by driving and parking with courtesy and respect to others. Thank you to all of you who already do so.

We will continue to monitor the situation and notify you on Thursday of our next steps and whether there will be any changes to the staggered start and finish times.

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Friday 4th September - End of our first week

Dear Parents

It has been lovely to have all the children back in school this week, including the new Reception Class children. They have come back keen and eager to start back in their new class. The children have been excellent at following all the social distancing requirements we have in place and have also been great at sanitising and washing their hands on a regular basis. Thank you to all the parents for following the staggered start and drop off / pick up arrangements. It is important that all parents continue to adhere to these timings so that social distancing can remain in place on school premises.

Over the next week we will be meeting as a staff to finalise arrangements for the following:

  • Use of library and reading books
  • Homework procedures
  • Class meetings
  • Use of Class Dojo
  • Communication between parent and teacher

As soon as we have confirmed the details for the above we will let you know.


Children are required to wear their PE kits to school on the day of their PE lessons. This includes PE t-shirt, navy shorts and trainers/daps. As the weather is now getting cooler, children should wear a PE hoodie/school jumper and black/navy leggings or jogging pants can also be worn.

Please see the days below:

  • St Francis (Yr 6) – Monday and Tuesday
  • St Martin’s (Yr 5) – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • St Bernadette’s (Yr 4)- Monday and Thursday
  • St Augustine (Yr 3) – Monday and Thursday
  • St Elizabeth (Yr2) – Monday and Friday
  • St Nicholas (Yr 1) – Wednesday and Friday
  • St George (Rec) – Wednesday 

Assemblies and School Masses

We will be having whole school assemblies using Microsoft Teams and attending school Masses with Fr Eugene virtually via Periscope. We will provide a link to school Masses so that you will be able to join in.  We will also explore the best way of recording class assemblies and school celebrations e.g. Celebration Assembly and Harvest Festival, so that parents can join in with these as well.

School Dinners

School dinners will continue as a packed lunch option for the time being. We will look at moving to an extended sandwich menu (with some hot food options) for the start of October and then a hot dinner menu after half term.


Dates for your diary

Next week we will be sending a list of some of the events we have planned up until Christmas, as we want to maintain as much of our normal calendar as possible. The majority of these will no doubt have to be virtual events but we hope to make everything as accessible and enjoyable as we can under the circumstances.

Music Lessons

Music lessons will hopefully be starting again in the next few weeks. Further information will be sent to the relevant year groups shortly.


We are currently updating our website, so please remember to check our latest news and blog sections. There will also be information of what the pupils will be learning this term and a blog on each of the class pages.

 Parent / Teacher contact

At present we are still unable to have parents on the school premises; I am awaiting guidance on how parent /teacher consultation evenings will work. Once we have received this we will let you know.

If you have any questions or concerns please email the school admin address and we will do our best to answer them.

Thank you once again for your patience and cooperation. It is much appreciated.


Mrs Kathy Burden

Acting Head Teacher 

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Thursday 3rd September - School Dinners

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the new school year.

Please find below the school dinners option for tomorrow and next week. Due to the social distancing and bubbles structure we are currently only offering a sandwiches option, as all pupils are eating their lunch in their class. We are hoping to offer hot food as soon as we can, whilst keeping within the strict guidelines we have in place. We are expecting to extend the sandwich menu at the start of October to include some hot food options, with hopefully a return to hot school dinners after half term.

The menus for tomorrow and next week are attached. These are free to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 through the Universal Infant Free School Meals Scheme and for Free School Meals children. The lunches can also be purchased by KS2 pupils and are payable through ParentMail at a cost of £2.30.

We are sending a ParentMail form to the parents of Year 1 and Year 2 children for parents to choose their child’s sandwich options for tomorrow and next week; this will save time during registration in the morning. KS2 children that order a school lunch will choose their option in class.

We will notify you as soon as there are any changes.

School Menu Week 1                  School Menu Week 2


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Thursday 3rd September 2020 - Breakfast Club reopening

Dear Parents,

Thank you for those that have requested places at Breakfast Club.

We wrote to you before the holidays saying that we would endeavour to open Breakfast Club as soon as we could in line with government policy. It is vital to ensure that all procedures and staffing are in place so that the club can run smoothly in these difficult times.  A risk assessment has been completed and we are happy to say that we are now able to reopen Breakfast Club on Monday 14th September.

All pupils in Breakfast Club will be classed as a bubble; this is in addition to their year group bubble should there be a confirmed case of Coronavirus within the club. However to reduce the risk of potential transmission we will be ensuring different year groups are kept on separate tables within the club, where they will eat and carry out table top activities.

We will be contacting those that have secured places shortly and sending invoices through ParentMail.

Please contact if you  are interested in a place and would like your child to go on the club's waiting list.

Kind regards


Mrs Burden

Acting Head Teacher

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Friday 28th August 2020 - September Arrangements

We hope you have all had a good summer break. We are looking forward to welcoming the children to school next week.

All the information we have sent you on the September arrangements are below. You can also click on the translatable button here to convert to your home language.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Mrs Burden and the staff and governors at St Mary's

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