Staff at St Mary's                                                                    


Mrs Kathy Burden  Acting Head Teacher and SENCO
Mrs Gill Thomson (Year R) St George's Class (Mon - Wed am)
Mrs Carla Turnbull (Year R) St George's Class (Wed pm - Fri)
Miss Holly Westhead (Year 1) St Nicholas's Class 
Miss Fiona Eatherington (Year 2) St Elizabeth's Class (Mon - Wed am)
Mrs Laura George (SLT/Deputy SENCO) (Year 2) St Elizabeth's Class (Wed pm - Friday)
Mr Will Powell (Year 3) St Augustine's Class 
Miss Helen Horsley (Year 4 ) St Bernadette's Class
Ms Charlotte Dunt (Year 5) St Martin de Porres' Class
Mrs Louise Webster (SLT) (Year 5) St Francis' Class (Mon - Wed am)
Mrs Alison Sullivan (SLT) (Year 6) St Francis' Class (Wed pm - Fri)
Mrs Jane Mitchell Music Teacher (Monday and Wednesday)
Mrs Helen Evans Support Teacher/PPA Cover 
Mrs Elizabeth Romero  Supply Support Teacher
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs Joanne Creese (Deputy Safeguarding Lead and SLT) Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anabelle Cabrera SEN Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Sarah Deliot Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Herniman SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Hodges Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Margaret Klawitter SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lisa Manning SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Iwona Partes SEN Teaching Assistant
Ms Maria Power SEN Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Mary Sweeney SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elizabeth Romero Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Office Staff  
Mrs Dawn Lane (SLT) School Business Manager
Mrs Liz Greenaway Office Administrator
Lunchbreak Supervisors  
Ms Maria Power Senior LBS
Ms Isabel Barker  LBS
Mrs Liz Greenaway  LBS
Mrs Iwona Partes  LBS
Mrs Sue Herniman  LBS
Mrs Renata Ricciardi  LBS
Mrs Mary Sweeney  LBS
Breakfast Club   
Ms Maria Power Supervisor
Mrs Karen Hodges  Assistant
Mrs Anabelle Cabrera  Assistant
Other staff  
Mrs Joanne Creese Parent Link Support Worker and Learning Mentor
Mr Mark Williams Caretaker
Mrs Sarah Jeavons Kitchen Manager
Mrs Nicola Baker Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Powell Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Pat Dent Cleaner
Mr Mervyn Dent Cleaner
Mrs Kathy Calvert Cleaner