Mission Statement, Aims and Values

Celebrating Excellence through our Faith and Learning

Our aims are that:-

  • Every individual will be supported to achieve their potential through excellent standards of teaching and learning.
  • Our spirituality and Catholic Faith will be nurtured in a reflective and inclusive community.
  • We will all work to achieve strong, positive relationships with each other showing respect and understanding for all.
  • Our creativity will be developed through stimulating teaching and learning experiences.
  • We will all become confident and positive learners.

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At St Mary's we follow the Jesuit Values. The Jesuit Pupil Profile was set up in 2013 in response to the question: What kind of people do we hope our pupils are growing to be? These values are not random but are a vision of what a good and virtuous person should be, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The values are listed in the tree image and are arranged in pairs (colour coded). The concept is that the tree symbolises the growth of our young people and that we are all responsible for helping their formation in these respects. The pairs of values will form part of our Collective Worship timetable but more importantly will be modelled and encouraged through our daily lives at St Mary’s.