Parent View

Parent View is an online questionnaire from OFSTED that allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time. You will also be invited to do this during an OFSTED inspection.

Parents are asked to indicate whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the following short statements:-

  1. My child is happy at this school
  2. My child feels safe at this school
  3. My child makes good progress at the school
  4. My child is well looked after at this school
  5. My child is taught well at this school

This is not a mechanism simply to complain about the school – if there is an issue you are unhappy or concerned about, you should discuss it with the school. And if you do so, and the issue is resolved, we would appreciate you updating your online response. Previous results are overwritten so they are up-to-date and only one ‘view’ per parent, per school, is held. We would also like you to give your views if you think we are doing well.

You can complete the questionnaire by clicking the icon below or by visiting