St Martin's Class (Year 5) - 2021/2022                                                             

April 2022: Mojo Active


26th April 2022

Today in Year 5 we took advantage of the lovely Spring weather and read together outside. We are really enjoying expanding our knowledge of different types of books


31st March 2022

This term we have been learning all about democracy. In Art we have been studying grafitti art and looking at inspirational artists. We used chalks to create slogans and signs for issues that we would like to campaign and raise awareness for.


Tuesday 1st March 2022

Year 5 started off Term 4 with a tennis lesson from Future Stars. We are looking forward to improving our tennis skills this term. 

Tuesday 25th January 2022

We created Rangoli art as part of Multi-Faith week. Firstly, we dyed the rice using food colouring. Then we studied traditional Rangoli art and designed our own pieces. Finally, we used glue to stick the rice grains in the correct pattern. We are really proud of the results!

Year 5: 'Street Child' January 2022

Friday 5th November 2021 - Greek Day

We had a fantastic day consolidating our knowledge of the Ancient Greeks!  We spent the day taking part in: Greek Maths (including learning Pythagoras Theorem for some of us!), Greek Dancing (we learnt the Hasapiko), The Ancient Greek Olympics and completed our Greek masks. We had an absolutely fantastic day!

Friday 1st October 2021 – Roman Numerals

On Friday 1st October, St Martin’s Class created problems involving Roman Numerals. Some of the children collected sticks to create their own Roman Numerals. Can you guess what numbers they have created?

Friday 24th September - Bath Literature Festival 

On Friday 24th September, Year 5 were incredibly fortunate to visit the talented author – Cressida Cowell. She taught us, that anyone can be a writer. We do not have to be the best at spelling, or have the best handwriting, we just need to have an idea!

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