St Martin's Class - Year 5                                                              

Friday 8th October 2020 -  What a busy time!

St Martin's Class have been so busy trying to squeeze as much into every day. We have been enjoying science lessons and also debating different issues.

Wednesday 30th September - Greek Day

Dear Parents,

This term we are studying the Ancient Greeks. In order to support and celebrate our learning we would like to end the term with a ‘Greek Day’. This will be on Thursday 22nd October. This will involve Greek dancing, food tasting and ancient Olympic events.

In order to make this day more memorable please can the children come to school dressed as a Greek. Please do not spend money on this. There are simple ideas online to make a toga using a white sheet.

We are looking forward to seeing the costumes.

Friday 18th September - Our class information 

Dear Parents,

As we are unable to hold class meetings this year, we have recorded a video below with the information that we normally share. There is also an information sheet in the box at the top of the page.

Mrs Webster and Mrs Sullivan

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