St George's Class (Reception) 2021/2022                                        

Friday 25th March

Today in Forest Friday we learnt all about minibeasts and their habitats before going on a bug hunt around the school grounds. Afterwards we decided to treat the minibeasts to a stay at the luxury bug hotel that we made. We hope they will leave us a 5 star review! 

Monday 7th March

On Monday we had a very special visitor- Lydia the vet! She was absolutely fantastic showing the children how she looks after animals, explaining her uniform and even brought in some dogs teeth and worms to show us. Afterwards we all played in our role play area using what we had learnt to be vets ourselves.

Thursday 4th March: World Book Day

Wow, what a brilliant day we have had! All the children looked fantastic and were able to confidently talk about their favourite book. We did a book scavenger hunt, a quiz and made our own bookmarks. We learnt about what an author was and some of children had a go at writing their own books. In the afternoon we took part in a KS1 parade and had a ‘booknic’ with our buddies. A lovely, lovely day had by all! 

World Faith Week- Through our learning of Hinduism this week we have been looking at and creating our own Rangoli patterns, role playing the story of Rama and Sita, painting Mehndi patterns and made our own Diva Lamps.

January 2022

Reception have been learning about this term's values: Compassionate and Loving. They thought about how they show love to each other, their friends and the world.

Friday 12th November

 During our Forest Friday session, the Reception children roasted marshmallows on our very own Bonfire. Yum Yum!!

Wednesday 3rd November

 Reception and Year 6 enjoyed there 'Buddy Trip' to Tynsfield National Trust Park last week. They worked together to build a den for a little creature and made their own natural dye bunting to hang in their classrooms. The year 6 children bonded with their buddies and were expectational in their role as supportive, nurturing and confidence builders. The Reception children were super excited about their first school trip and were absolute superstars!

Friday 22nd October 2021 - Harvest Festival

St George's Class have been learning about Harvest Festival.

Monday 18th October 2021 - What a great start!

St George's Class have settled into St Mary's so well! They have been very busy and you can see a snapshot of this below:-

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