St Francis' Class - Year 6                                                                        

Friday 9th October 2020 - What a busy week!

This week Year 6 were lucky enough to meet their Reception buddies! Before meeting them, Year 6 talked about the importance of having a buddy – that it is their job to help the newest children in the school to settle in, feel safe and have a role model to guide them.

We have also put into practice some of the sports coaching selected children in the class have received. The sport coaches are beginning to run and introduce new games for the rest of the class to play.

Finally, yesterday, we tuned in to the CAFOD national assembly. We learnt all about the family fast day and how we can help support such an important charity. Year 6 had lots of ideas as to what we could do to help.

Friday 18th September - Our class information 

Dear Parents,

As we are unable to hold class meetings this year I have recorded a video with the information that we normally share. There is also an information sheet in the box at the top of the page.

Miss Fitzgerald

Monday 14th September - And we are back!!

Last week, our week started with a visit from Miss Eatherington to tell us all about a new sports council. She explained how the children would receive coaching from the Future Stars coach, Dave, and this would enable them to lead and referee games with younger children.  Lots of Year 6 applied for the role and Miss Eatherington announced the 12 children who were successful! Well done to our new sports coaches in training!

We’ve also had our first virtual assemblies! It felt a little strange to start with but we soon adapted and it felt like we were in assembly, just like before!

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