St Elizabeth's Class (Year 2) - 2021/2022                                                     

Friday 17th September 2021 - Speedy, the Year 2 Snail! 

We have a new class pet in St Elizabeth’s Class: Speedy, our Giant African Land Snail! He is about 15 cm long, weighs about 300g and lives in a tank under our Science Display. We took him our in class and looked at him very closely. We love our new pet!

We are doing a  science investigation over the next few weeks to answer the question: What are Speedy’s favourite foods? We are feeding him lots of different foods and observing him closely to see which foods he prefers. So far, courgette is a winner! Do you have any interesting vegetables or fruits at home that Speedy could try? Bring them into class!

Tuesday 14th September 2021 - Our fantastic Flight Day

On Tuesday 14th September, St Elizabeth’s Class had their Flight Day! To celebrate and learn about our topic this term, the History of Flight, we all dressed up and did lots of fun Topic and Design Technology activities for a whole day.

The costumes were so imaginative: Theo was a pilot, Kavya was a rocket, Lilly was Mrs Butterfly and Ollie was a superhero! We introduced our different characters to the class and then embarked on our first flight mission of the day – to design and make our own flying machines.

In our flight team pairs, we designed a plan for our flying machines, labelling all the parts and making a list of the tools and materials we would need. Then we used all the junk modelling Miss Molloy had brought in to build our fabulous flying machines.

It was amazing to see all the team work, problem-solving and original ideas. They all met the success criteria: to hang, unaided, from our flight line. What brilliant inventors St Elizabeth’s Class are!

After lunch, we really enjoyed our class novel: Sophie takes to the Sky, all about the first balloon rides in France over 2 hundred years ago.

Then we decided to emulate the Wright brothers and make our own paper airplanes. There were lots of instructions to follow and we needed strong fingers to crease our paper. We brought them outside to test them and were thrilled to see them glide through the air. We even used trundle wheels to measure their flight distances.

We loved Flight day in Year 2!

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