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St Elizabeth's CLASS (YEAR 2)

Welcome to Year 2 - Miss Molloy and Mrs Atkins' class.

Please see below a topic overview of what we will be learning in Term 5, our knowledge organiser along with our curriculum overview for the year.

Wednesday 18th December 2018 - Our Christmas Play, Around the World

We learned so much during our Christmas Play! We learned all about how children around the world prepare and celebrate the season of Christmas.In Poland, Ireland, China, Australia, Malawi and the USA, children have their own special customs and traditions. At the heart of all these special customs and traditions is the birth of the baby Jesus, God’s son, the light of the world. We remember the angels, Mary, Joseph and all the other important figures.

We loved learning all the songs and words!

We worked together as one big team, preparing for our big event and celebrating all our special talents and skills. We shared so much during these rehearsals and our play was a great success.

8th January 2019 - Sorting Animals

We were asked to sort these living creatures into groups. Most of us chose to sort them into carnivores and herbivores, and some of us could identify the omnivores.

Other groups thought about sorting them into farm animals and other types of animals: domestic, wild, those that lived in the jungle.

We talked about how we could classify them using scientific vocabulary:

Reptile  Fish       Bird        Mammal              Amphibian

16th October 2018 - Design Technology Tudor houses 

As part of our Great Fire of London Topic, we learned all about Tudor houses. We even made our own models! We needed to work well as a team, plan our houses carefully, decide our materials and construct our models in the right sequence. When we ran into design problems, we worked together to find solutions. It was so much fun and we loved learning all about them!

9th October 2018 - Howie the Hamster 

In Science, we investigated which materials would be the best for a hamster cage, so Howie the hamster would be comfortable and safe. Howie came to visit our class so we could see what he needed, and how long his teeth were! We discovered that cardboard, wood and plastic were unsuitable materials and that metal was the most suitable material because it could withstand Howie’s gnawing, was hygiene and was strong enough to keep its shape.

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