St Bernadette's Class (Year 4) - 2021/2022                                                              

May: Anglo-Saxons

Year 4 have been learning about how Anglo-Saxon life changed the day the Vikings began their attacks on the Northumbrian coast in 793AD. We created a drama, where the children were monks on Holy Island, tending to monastic duties (prayer, teaching, farming, writing manuscripts, repairing, painting religious murals) when they were, without warning, attacked by Norsemen, who raided their monastery of all its precious items and gold. Some children were monks, and some children got to play the vicious Vikings; some monks were killed, but some were dragged away in chains to be slaves.

The children then used their drama to inspire their writing.  They imagined they were monks who had survived the attack and wrote letters to warn other English monasteries of the Viking threat. They described the first warning of trouble, the attack itself and its aftermath using rich and expressive language and a range of different sentence styles.

March: Science Sound Pitch Investigation

Year 4 have been investigating how to change the pitch of sounds made with musical instruments. We explored percussion, string and wind instruments.

Carol Singing

On Tuesday 14th December, the children of St Bernadette’s Class performed carols for the parents collecting their children at the end of the school day. We sang Every Star Shall Sing a Carol, The First Noel, The Holly and the Ivy and Joy to the World! We hoped you enjoyed our performance and it added to the Christmas spirit!

Brass Concert

In St Bernadette’s Class, the children undertake 10 lessons learning to play a brass instrument with our peripatetic brass teacher, Alice. This year, the children could learn the trombone, the cornet or the trumpet. Last week, the children put on a concert for their parents to showcase their learning across terms 1 and 2. Miss Horsley and Alice were very impressed by their great sense of rhythm, their focus, tunefulness and excellent progress across the weeks. Some children will be continuing their learning next term with Alice as they have enjoyed it so much!

Electrical Circuits

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about how to construct complete circuits with bulbs, buzzers and motors. We have learned how to control our circuits with a switch. We also tested materials to find electrical conductors and insulators and learned about electrical safety in the home.


Check out our amazing mosaics!

Friday 22nd October - What a busy term!

St Bernadette's Class have busy this term. They have produced lots of great work, learnt maths through 'Maths on the Move' and lots of other learning.

Friday 22nd October - Harvest Festival

We have been celebrating Harvest Festival at St Mary's

Wednesday 20th October - Trip to Chedworth Roman Villa

St Bernadette's Class went on a trip to Chedworth Roman Villa and then made our own mosaics in school.

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