ST AUGUSTINE'S CLASS (YEAR 3)                                                           St. Augustine of Hippo Postcard

Welcome to Year 3 - Miss Westhead's class.

Please see below a topic overview of what we will be learning in Term 4, along with our current knowledge organiser.

Wednesday 25th September.

St Augustine's Class had a great day! We had scooter training with Andy. He taught us how to be safe on the roads and on the footpaths when we are coming to and from school. We now feel safer to scoot to school, which also helps reduce the amount of traffic and bad air pollution around school because we will no longer need to go by car. 

Friday 20th September - Archaeological Dig! 

In our History lessons we have been learning about 'Prehistoric Britain- Stone Age to Iron Age'. To learn about the past, historians had to rely on archaeology to find artefacts, then using this evidence they had to build a picture as to what may have happened. We had a go at this with a fake archaeological dig. We discussed the evidence found and created a report to build together a picture of how the evidence could all link together. We had great fun.