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School Council                          

At St Mary’s we have a School Council that supports both the British Values and Catholic Values of our school – these include democracy and mutual respect.  The aim of the council is to give the pupils of St Mary a voice. The School Council is made up of 14 pupils – this consists of two school councillors for each year group, as well as 2 extra Year 6 members who take up the roles of council secretaries and council chair persons. The class councillors are voted for democratically by the children in their class after they put forward why they think they should represent their class. The council meets approximately once a term during school time and is supported by Mrs Hodges and Mrs Kliczka. 

Prior to the meeting the class councillors talk to their class about what ideas or issues they would like to be raised to the council, encouraging respect and understanding for each other’s opinions. The councillors then feedback these thoughts and ideas to the whole council. This is led by the Year 6 leaders. After the meetings the Council sends the minutes to all staff members.

Past success stories include a Key Stage 1 cookery club, free seating for KS2 pupils and the raising of whole school awareness of different issues and problems through posters displayed in the school.

We are currently focusing on fundraising events for Children in Need.  We have a coffee morning. movie night, Walkathon and pyjama day, to name but a few.

Our current members are:-

Chair – Esha

Secretary- Alisa

Year 6 – Imogen and Finley

Year 5 – Adam and Caitlyn

Year 4 – Maja and Jacob

Year 3 – Eric and Victoria

Year 2 –Rosa and Sean

Year 1 –Sophie and Samuel