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OFSTED AND RE INSPECTIONS                   

OFSTED said....

This is a good school.  

  • The headteacher has an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for development. She communicates the highest of expectations.  
  • Individuals and groups of pupils achieve well and some make outstanding progress.  
  • Teaching is good. The school is providing many opportunities for staff to improve their teaching further and achieve its vision to be outstanding.  
  • The school is a calm and welcoming place. Pupils behave well, feel safe and are polite and considerate. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is of a high quality.  
  • The headteacher and other leaders, including governors, are proud of their school and its achievements. They provide high quality care, guidance and support for pupils.  
  • Teachers, parents and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about the school.

Click here for the full OFSTED October 2013 Report                                                                           

The Diocese said...

This is a good Catholic school with some outstanding elements because:  

  • All pupils have opportunities to take on responsibilities and participate in the Catholic life of the school. Some pupils are beginning to help in the process of evaluating the distinctive nature of the school. The work of the Chaplaincy group is a strength of the school.
  • Pupils spiritual and moral development is outstanding.
  • Pupils are motivated to do well and nearly all pupils enjoy their Religious Education lessons.
  • Opportunities are provided for pupils to participate in the prayer life of the school. Most pupils are offered opportunities to lead prayer and worship.
  • Leaders and Governors are committed to the Catholic life of the school and carry out monitoring activities. The close connection between the school and the parish priest (who is the link governor for RE) is a strength of the school.
  • Staff are enthusiastic and skilled, with the majority of teaching seen being at least good.

Click here for the full Diocesan Report April 2014