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The Gem Project

The Gem Project

Working together with Dr Tom Robson, we follow the Gem Project which seeks to help children recognise and therefore develop key life skills.

The six 'gem powers' we highlight to children are:


Diamond……being responsible

  • tries to solve his/her own problem rather than relying on an adult
  • uses their learning ‘toolkit’ (different strategies they have been taught) to identify what they need to do when they are stuck
  • uses their talk partners/teachers to ask good questions to help move their learning on

Emerald…..being courageous and sticking with it even when it gets tough

  • brave enough to ‘have a go’ with their learning even though they know they might make a mistake
  • comfortable to make mistakes as they know these help them to learn
  • learn from their mistakes and ‘bounce back’, they stick with it
  • remains calm even though they have been upset or angry

Sapphire….keeping focus

  • keeps on task even though there are lots of distractions
  • keeps listening to others (teacher and others in the class) even when there are distractions

Ruby……..supporting others

  • gives support to others by listening to them and smiling at them
  • praises others when they do well
  • helps others when they have a problem

Topaz ……collaboration…learning in a big group

  • shares at least one idea with the whole group
  • takes turns to share ideas
  • asks different questions in their group to make sure that they have known that their idea is in everyone’s heads

Amethyst …cooperation….learning with a partner

  • shares ideas with their partner talking and listening skills
  • takes in turns to listen and then share what they thought
  • adds new idea to their old ones