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St Augustine'S CLASS (YEAR 3)

Welcome to Year 3 - Miss Westhead's class.

Please see below a topic overview of what we will be learning in Term 1.

Monday 20th November - Anti-bullying week

Year 3 had a successful anti-bulling week. We were all given a secret friend for the week, we had to subtly compliment them, look out for them on the playground and generally be a good friend. We then created a snowflake for them with ideas that make our secret friend special and unique. On Friday we revealed ourselves to our secret friend and presented them with the snowflake. 

Monday 9th October

Saint Augustine class were busy litter picking making sure St Mary's is a litter free school. When we were doing this, it reminded us of Saint Francis of Assisi  and his love and devotion to all kinds of creatures. We learnt about Saint Francis in our morning Mass with Father Eugene last week. 

Friday 6th October

In our History lesson we learnt about Stonehenge. Miss Westhead then got us to go outside and draw the actual size of the bluestones and the sarsen stones which were used to make Stonehenge. The bluestones were carried for 240 miles without any lorries or roads and each weighed around 4 tonnes.

25th September 2017

The children turned into professional archaeologists on Friday! They returned to the classroom and discovered that an Ancient Stone Age to Iron Age burial had appeared. There was a skeleton surrounded by:  a stone axe, an arrow head flint, some broken pottery, a Stag's antler and some Bronze Age jewellery. The children had to build a picture about what may have possibly happened thousands of years ago using the evidence found. The children then filled out a report on what they had discovered. They all had great fun and are all potential excellent archaeologists in the making!

11th September 2017

Wow! What a busy start to the year already. We had some Road safety assistants come in from South Gloucestershire council to teach us important road safety. We learnt the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet from Eggbert the egg. We were also taught about the highway code so that we can use the crossings on the road to help us cross the road safely. Finally we were taught about the importance of wearing a seat belt and the consequences of not. Some us found out we were tall enough to not need a booster seat, however if our parents wanted us to still use it then we understood it was for our safety.

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