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Blog for September/October 2017   FOR PREVIOUS BLOGS CLICK HERE

Thursday 12th October


Thank you for your generous contributions for our Harvest collection. The donations went to  North Bristol Food Bank and to Holy Family Parish, to be distributed to parishioners in need. 

Wednesday 11th October

St Mary's Clubs

All the St Mary's clubs are up and running. This week in Cookery Club the children made healthy and delicious vegetable soup. They practised peeling, chopping, dicing and cutting skills. They even cleaned up before tasting the soup.

Thursday 5th October

Year 1 class visit

Year 1 invited their grandparents to come in and visit. We were practising using question marks and we wrote them some questions.

We also followed instructions and made them some delicious cakes. 

27th September 2017

Today St Mary’s School took part in National Fitness Day.


National Fitness day is an action packed and fun day where everyone in the whole country is asked to get up and move around as much as possible! St Mary’s children joined in with a number of physical activities including class exercise sessions, a whole school assembly about the importance of fitness  and finally a whole school  zumba routine. Children were asked to think about why exercise and fitness is important and  how much exercise children should have each day. We also thought about the many different types of physical activities children at St Mary’s are involved in . They range from archery to rock climbing, playground games, team games, swimming, gymnastics and running. Many of the children’s extra- curriculum sporting achievements are celebrated at the weekly values assembly whereas the in- school sporting achievements are celebrated at the end of term celebrations assembly.  The day was a huge success. A special thanks to Miss Eatherington for organising this for us. 

27th September 2017

Bike-It Breakfast

Our first Bike It breakfast of the new school year and the weather was kind to us!

We joined up with National Fitness Day by welcoming all who had walked, cycled or used their scooter to get to school.  

It was lovely to see everyone enjoying breakfast served up by a fantastic new Bike It crew, who were keen to start the new year of activities.

25th September 2017

Just Joshing’ – Antibullying Production

On Friday 22nd Sept Y2-Y6 enjoyed an anti-bullying production, ‘Just Joshing’, by Firehorse Production. A team of actors gave the children an insight into the problem of bullying, through drama. The drama highlighted the role of the bully, and bystanders, and what to do if you are being bullied. The children were able to see the bullying through the eyes of the different people involved in the bullying, and learned how best to stop and prevent it in their everyday lives.

Monday 11th September 2017

Road Safety

Year 3 - Wow! What a busy start to the year already. We had some Road safety assistants come in from South Gloucestershire council to teach us about important road safety. We learnt the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet from Eggbert the egg. We were also taught about the highway code so that we can use the crossings on the road to help us cross the road safely. Finally we were taught about the importance of wearing a seat belt and the consequences of not. Some us found out we were tall enough to not need a booster seat, however if our parents wanted us to still use it then we understood it was for our safety.